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UVA Move-In Day Reminders

August 7, 2017
Parents of New Students
Patricia M. Lampkin, Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer

Dear Parents of New Students:

We have enjoyed seeing you at the Orientation sessions this summer, and now we are looking forward to your daughters and sons arriving for Move-In Weekend. The start of a new academic year is an exciting time.

We are committed to helping your new student start off at UVA on a positive note. Many activities, both academic and social, will welcome your new student to the Grounds. After all students are moved in, a concert will take place on Saturday evening, August 19, at John Paul Jones Arena. Other events will be taking place that evening, including "After Hours at the AFC," featuring an assortment of activities, including a DJ, games, food trucks, arts and crafts, and inflatables. The AFC, or Aquatic & Fitness Center, is located near the first-year residence halls. For new students who prefer a quieter evening, board games, movies, and similar activities will be led by resident advisors in the residence halls. Student-run organizations, including Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, will be hosting social activities as well. More information about the many events occurring during Wahoo Welcome are available on the Orientation website.

For several years now, many students have attended a non-UVA-sanctioned block party in the off-Grounds area of Wertland Street on the Saturday night of Move-In Weekend. As President Sullivan explained in her email on August 4, we strongly discourage students from attending this large, overcrowded block party. The scene invites hazardous behavior and can be overwhelming for anyone in attendance, but especially for new students. Please encourage your student to avoid the block party and to participate instead in the UVA-planned events that I mentioned above.

Move-In Details: Please remember, first-year students received an assigned Move-In Day – either Friday, August 18, or Saturday, August 19, based on their room assignments. Complete details about Move-In Weekend are available on the Housing & Residence Life website. If you have questions or comments about the move-in process, please contact 434-924-3736 or [email protected].

Several highlights and reminders follow, especially for parents of first-year students. If you are the parent of a transfer student who is not living on Grounds, then only some of this information is applicable:

Text Updates: You and your student can receive text updates to stay informed of any important changes during Move-In Weekend. To sign up, text "movein17" to 79516. You will receive a confirmation immediately upon signing up. After the weekend, you will be automatically unsubscribed from the service. This service is different from UVA Alerts, the notification system for imminent threats on the UVA Grounds. All students are encouraged to sign up for UVA Alerts. Students may add parents to their UVA Alerts accounts.

President's Welcome Address: President Teresa A. Sullivan will be speaking to parents twice during the weekend in Old Cabell Hall auditorium. Please plan to attend either Friday, Aug. 18, from 3 to 4 p.m., or Saturday, Aug. 19, from 1 to 2 p.m. We hope you will take a break to enjoy this official welcome from President Sullivan and other University leaders, followed by a brief Q&A period. Students may also attend, but the program is primarily geared toward parents.

Individual schools also will host programs on Friday and Saturday afternoons to welcome parents and students. For details, please see the schedule.

Safety: We emphasize the importance of practicing good safety habits beginning with Move-In Day. When moving into a new residence hall (or apartment, often in the case of transfer students), it is a good idea for students not to leave personal items unattended or doors unlocked. Please help us reinforce smart safety with your daughter or son. You can find tips in the Student Safety Guide section of the Parent Handbook.

Check-In: On Friday, new students can begin checking in at 9 a.m., and on Saturday at 8 a.m. Students will need to show a photo ID to pick up their room keys (only students can pick up the key). Check-In takes place at each residence hall. You may park your car near the appropriate location for brief unloading, and then you will need to move to long-term parking.

Look for the Student Greeters, dressed in brightly colored T-shirts, who will help you unpack your car and carry items into the residence halls. A number of other University officials will be circulating throughout the Grounds to provide help and answer questions. The University Police and Parking & Transportation officials also will be providing assistance.

Residence Hall Meetings: Students must attend a meeting with their resident advisors on the day they move in. The meeting takes place on Friday from 8:30 to 10 p.m., and on Saturday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Please plan accordingly so your student can attend this mandatory meeting.

Dining Options: Several retail dining locations will be open on both Friday and Saturday for your convenience if you would like to eat on the Grounds. On Move-In Weekend, as well as throughout the year, parents may eat free in dining rooms when accompanied by a student who is signed up for a meal plan. For a list of open locations and hours, see the UVA Dining website.

Hydration stations offering free bottled water also will be available in the first-year areas on Friday and Saturday.

Your Student's Mailing Address: To find out how to send mail and packages to your student, please use the Mailing Address Finder.

Deposits to Cavalier Advantage: You can easily add funds to your student's Cavalier Advantage account online by selecting "Make a Deposit." Online transactions require a $25 minimum deposit plus a $2 processing fee; cash deposits made on Grounds at designated machines do not incur a processing fee and have a minimum deposit of $1. Cavalier Advantage is a declining balance account on your student's ID card that is activated upon deposit. Balances carry over until graduation. It is the only payment form accepted on Grounds for laundry facilities and self-service copiers and printers in the libraries, and can be used for a variety of other purposes – vending; Student Health prescriptions; and purchases at the Bookstore, Dining, and various other retail locations on Grounds. For additional information, consult the Cavalier Advantage website or contact the Cavalier Advantage office at 434-982-5735 or [email protected].

This is an exciting, albeit bittersweet, time for you and your family. We look forward to your arrival, and we wish you well as you prepare for this transition in the life of your student and your family. Please call on us if we can help in any way.

Safe travels and warm regards,

Patricia M. Lampkin
Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer