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MANDATORY Action for UVA Students: Enroll in 2-Step Login

March 12, 2018
All Students
Jason C. Belford, Chief Information Security Officer

Dear Students:

All UVA students are now required to enroll in 2-Step Login (provided by Duo Security) by April 16, 2018, to access NetBadge-protected resources (e.g., UVA Gmail, SIS, UVA Collab).

Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly skilled at targeting students through advanced technology, including sophisticated phishing scams, malicious software, and password hijacking. This can result in stolen student loan funds, compromised bank accounts, and more. In order to protect you and your fellow students from these attacks, UVA Information Technology Services (ITS) is making 2-Step Login (Duo) immediately available to all students.

Much like the multifactor authentication (MFA) you may already use with Facebook, iCloud, online gaming, etc., 2-Step Login provides an additional layer of security by requiring two types of authentication to verify identity during login. After entering your computing ID and password or using your digital certificate to log in through NetBadge, you'll then have several options to finish logging in:

  • approve a "push" notification from the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone,
  • answer a phone call,
  • enter a passcode generated by Duo or sent via text message, or
  • enter a previously generated Duo bypass code.

Visit this webpage to enroll in 2-Step Login (Duo).

ITS will offer on-Grounds assistance on various dates from March 13-April 12. Please check the link above for updated times and locations.

Note: Final exams are coming soon. If you do not enroll in 2-Step Login by April 16, then you will not only lose access to NetBadge-protected resources like UVA Gmail, SIS, and UVA Collab, but you also could lose access to your final exams and related materials.

For further assistance, questions about this email, or to ensure the validity of this message, contact the UVA Help Desk at 434-924-4357.

Ref: MSG201803132SL


Jason C. Belford, CISSP
Chief Information Security Officer