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Official CeDiploma Information

May 30, 2019
5,354 Graduates
Laura F. Hawthorne, Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar

Dear Members of the Class of 2019,

On behalf of the Office of the University Registrar (UREG), I’d like to congratulate you on your great accomplishment in graduating from the University of Virginia! You have worked hard to reach this moment, and we wish you all the best in whatever your plans are this summer and beyond.

We know that you are eager to see your new diploma. You will receive an email when the paper version has been shipped. Your diploma will arrive in the mail in six to eight weeks after you receive this email. International addresses may take three to four weeks longer.

Meanwhile, in mid-June you can also, if you wish, retrieve an electronic version of your diploma. This version, called a CeDiploma, is a certified version of your diploma that can be shared electronically with anyone who needs to verify your graduation from UVA (future employers, licensing boards, graduate schools, etc.). Once you share your CeDiploma with someone, they can validate its authenticity through the UREG website using a code that appears on your CeDiploma. You can also share your CeDiploma with family, friends, and social media.

The CeDiploma is a free service for all UVA graduates.

If you would like to receive your CeDiploma in addition to your paper diploma:

  1. Log on to your SIS Student Center now to reserve your CeDiploma and provide an alternate email address for notifications.
  2. You will receive an email with instruction on how to download your CeDiploma once it is available (around mid-June).
  3. Once you download your CeDiploma, you can forward it as a PDF to anyone. When you open the CeDiploma, you’ll see a 12-digit combination of letters and numbers in the upper left-hand corner of the document. This is the certification code (the CeDiD).
  4. If you send someone your CeDiD and the UREG web address, they can use that information to verify your degree from UVA. You can include this information on your resume, on job applications, etc.

Again, all of us in UREG wish you great success and happiness. Congratulations!

Best regards,

Laura F. Hawthorne
Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar
University of Virginia