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Cancelled Access to UVA Facilities – Beginning September 8

September 2, 2020
Allen W. Groves, University Dean of Students

Last week was the deadline for you to take action regarding both the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Measures in your SIS “To Do List” and the Not Living/Learning On Grounds hold in SIS. As of today, you have either not begun or not completed these requirements. Unless you take steps to rectify this situation, you will no longer have access to UVA facilities, beginning Tuesday, September 8.

In addition to not being able to attend in-person classes, you will not have access to UVA Dining, IM-Rec facilities, the libraries, and any other facilities requiring swipe-in via your UVA ID card.

I ask that you please log in to SIS as soon as possible to take care of these requirements.

Once you log in, if you have not already done so, please answer yes or no to the question of whether you will be living or learning locally (on Grounds, in Charlottesville, or in Albemarle County) this fall.

  • If you answer no, your access to in-person classes and the facilities listed above will end on September 8. Because you will not be in the local area for the fall, your bill will include a reduction of $660 for the fall 2020 mandatory fee and University activity fee, reflecting your inability to access these facilities.
    Answering no means a Not Living/Learning on Grounds hold will remain on your account throughout the fall. The hold, however, does not affect your being able to attend or enroll in classes online. It is simply a confirmation of the decision you have made.
  • If you answer yes, or if you have already answered yes, you must complete all three of these requirements to ensure your access to in-person classes and facilities remains in effect:

More details about the SIS requirements are covered in my August 5 email.
Once you complete all three requirements, you will no longer see a hold in your SIS account.

    1. Complete a COVID-19 test and ensure the results are reported to Student Health and Wellness. For more information, please see the Return to Grounds website on Testing Requirements and related FAQs.
    2. View a student-produced video on new norms and rules.
    3. Sign and commit to the terms of the Agreement to Acknowledge Compliance with Public Health Measures.
  • If you fail to answer the initial yes/no question, you will not be able to attend classes in person and you will not have access to University facilities. You also will not receive the $660 reduction for the fall 2020 mandatory fee and University activity fee.
  • If you currently see a “To Do” item or holds in your SIS account, this is what they mean:
    • Not Living/Learning on Grounds Hold: Student Health and Wellness has not received a negative COVID test result for you or has not removed the testing hold.
    • COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Measures To Do: You have not completed your Return to Grounds guide, which includes answering if you are returning to the area. If your answer is yes, it also includes completing the COVID Agreement and watching the video.

If you have questions on the above, please email the Return to Groundsresource center.


Allen W. Groves
University Dean of Students