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COVID-19 Requirements in SIS: Due Now

August 27, 2020
Students with Incomplete Requirements
Allen W. Groves, University Dean of Students

I'm writing because yesterday was the deadline to complete COVID-19 requirements in SIS. Our records indicate you have not completed all these requirements.

It's important that you take care of this as soon as possible. If you will be living on Grounds in University housing, you must complete all three of these requirements (see list below) before you will be able to move into your residence hall. Whether you are living on or off Grounds, you will not be able to attend class in person or use University facilities until all requirements are complete.

As an initial To Do in SIS, every student – undergraduate, graduate, and professional – must answer yes or no as to whether they will be living or learning on Grounds, in Charlottesville, or in Albemarle County this fall. If your answer is yes, you must then:

  1. Complete a COVID-19 test, preferably through the University's vendor, Let's Get Checked, and ensure the results are reported to Student Health and Wellness.
  2. View a student-produced video on new norms and rules.
  3. Sign and commit to the terms of the Agreement to Acknowledge Compliance with Public Health Measures.

The latter two items will take less than 10 minutes. The timing for completing the COVID-19 test is dependent on when you return your test sample, how quickly it is processed, and whether any follow-up is needed. Please read the instructions carefully to avoid having to re-test. If you have not done so, please return your test sample to Let's Get Checked as soon as possible, or follow the instructions for having a test administered through another provider. Should you choose another provider, you will be responsible for uploading your test results to the Healthy Hoos portal.

More details about the SIS requirements are covered in my August 5 email.

Here is important additional information:

  • If you are under 18, you received special instructions for testing, and the deadline has now passed for completing your test through a UVA televisit. You will need to be tested through your primary care physician or another provider and follow the instructions for uploading the results to the Healthy Hoos portal.
  • If you are coming to the U.S. from abroad, you will take your test during the required 14-day quarantine. You have received detailed instructions about this.
  • If you recently returned your test to Let's Get Checked, you should expect the test results to be available within three business days of the lab's receipt of your kit, although timing may vary.
  • Student Health will automatically receive your test results from Let's Get Checked when you receive them. If your test is negative and you have completed the other requirements (watching the video and signing the agreement) the hold on your SIS account will be removed. Please monitor your SIS account so you will know when you have been cleared.
  • If you state you will not be living or learning on Grounds, in Charlottesville, or in Albemarle County this fall, a hold will remain on your SIS account throughout the fall. You will not have access to certain UVA facilities and you will not be able to attend class in person. As a result, you will see you a reduction of $660 in the fall 2020 mandatory fee. The reduction will apply to both in-state and out-of-state students who will not be living or learning on Grounds or in the local community.
  • If you change your mind about where you will be in the fall, please contact for assistance. It's important that your information is accurately recorded in SIS since your status will potentially affect billing and access to facilities.

Thank you for following up on these important requirements to ensure not only your SIS information is accurate, but also your move-in to University housing, if applicable, and access to facilities go smoothly.


Allen W. Groves
University Dean of Students