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Honor and UJC: Temporary Operational Changes

March 31, 2020
All Students
Lillie Lyon, Honor Chair; and Shannon Cason, UJC Chair

Dear Students:

In light of President Ryan’s March 11th and March 17th announcements regarding the University’s operational and academic changes, the Honor and Judiciary Committees have made temporary changes to their operations, which are described below.


First and foremost, as we transition to online classes and course expectations and assignment formats change, we encourage you to be proactive about asking for clarification on course honor policies. As always, if you are ever unsure as to whether a certain action (i.e., use of outside resources, working with other students, etc.) on any given assignment or exam may be considered an Honor Offense, you should reach out to your professor and/or TA for clarification.

Additionally, the Honor Committee is temporarily revising its operations to adhere to the University's recommendations and ensure case processing and the transition to the 2020-21 Committee term are handled effectively.

The Committee has temporarily suspended case processing. The Committee is still taking Honor reports, and will continue to do so; in the coming weeks, the Committee will also transition all investigations online and resume case processing through Investigative Panel.

Committee meetings will proceed as scheduled, but will be conducted via Zoom. If any community members are interested in observing a meeting, they should reach out to the Chair of the Honor Committee, Lillie Lyon, at for a meeting link.

The transition to the 2020-21 Committee term was originally scheduled for April 5th. Given the extenuating circumstances, however, new Executive Committee elections have been postponed until the weekend of April 3rd, and the official transition to the 2020-21 Honor Committee will likely take place mid- to late-April.

The Committee plans to keep the University community updated with any further changes. In the meantime, please reach out to the Chair or submit an online inquiry with any questions.

University Judiciary Committee

In an effort to cope with COVID-19, the UJC has made various structural changes to reduce the potential spread of the virus to our Community and beyond. These protocols are temporary and shall be reassessed when necessary in light of new information regarding the pandemic. 

Case processing:

  • We are currently suspending case processing to eliminate social contact. All cases that can be postponed until the fall will be. Those involving fourth-year students or those who require immediate case processing will be contacted by the Chair to determine appropriate course of action.
  • Complaints can still be filed on the UJC website and will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

Representative Elections:

  • The UJC is actively seeking representatives for a number of schools, including ARCH, SCC, GSAS, SCPS, and SED and will continue to work with these schools on their elections virtually.
  • The training of incoming representatives (for the 2020-2021 academic year) has been suspended until fall of 2020 to maintain structure and expectations of committee training. 
  • Elections of the voting members on the Executive Committee – Chair, Vice Chair for Trials, Vice Chair for First Years, Vice Chair for Sanctions, and Vice Chair for Graduate Students – will be held on April 25th.
  • Senior Support Officer positions, including Senior Counselors, Senior Educator, Senior Investigator, and Senior Data Manager, shall be selected by the incoming chair on April 26th. 

Support for the Community:

  • The UJC has become aware of discriminatory actions against individuals within the Asian community in light of the ongoing pandemic. We would like to emphasize that any of these identifiable acts can be reported to the UJC.
  • The guilty verdict of an individual committing a discriminatory act may invoke the Sanction Enhancement Clause, giving the UJC the authority to escalate the seriousness of a sanction if the incident in question was motivated by bias related to one or more protected classes.
  • We are committed to serving the UVA community in any way we can. Please check out our website and social media (Twitter: @UVA_UJC, Facebook: @UniversityJudiciaryCommittee) for resources including where to report cases, mental health support, financial support, and up-to-date information regarding COVID-19.

If you have any questions regarding how the UJC can support you or about temporary structural changes we have undergone to mitigate the COVID-19 spread, please do not hesitate to reach out to Chair Shannon Cason (

Lillie Lyon
Chair, Honor Committee

Shannon Cason
Chair, University Judiciary Committee