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Hoos Connected: Physically Distant, Socially Connected

September 3, 2020
First-Year Students
Alison Nagel, Hoos Connected Program Director

Hey First-Years!

Excited for move-in but wondering how to meet people safely? Home for the semester and wondering how to meet people at all?

Hoos Connected has got you covered either way! 

Hoos Connected is small virtual groups of First-Years led by two upperclass student facilitators. They meet weekly for activities and interesting discussions geared toward getting to know people beyond the surface level. The tone is fun, relaxing, and reflective -- there's no competing to get in, and at just 75-minutes a week, it doesn't get in the way of studying or other clubs. 

We might be physically distant this semester, but we can still be socially connected. Join us to make the kinds of connections that help UVA feel like home, no matter where you are. 

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