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Disbursement of Funds

VP&CSAO funding awards close 60 days after the conclusion of the event or the last day of exams for that academic session, whichever is sooner. All reimbursement requests or invoices must be submitted before the end of the award period unless the organization is granted an extension.

Requests for extension of the award period must be made in writing (email will suffice) to the office of the VP&CSAO in advance of the closing date, and must present compelling reasons why the receipts or invoices cannot be presented within the customary time frame.

All disbursements require submission of a disbursement request form for each transaction, with original receipt(s) or invoice attached to the back. VP&CSAO disburses funds in three ways:

Internal Transfer by UVA Service Provider

Requires that VP&CSAO provide an internal billing code (PTAO) to the service provider on behalf of the funding award recipient. The award recipient must simply submit to VP&CSAO a disbursement request form with receipt for the service.

Payment of Invoice Directly to Vendor

VP&CSAO can pay vendors directly if the funding award recipient can arrange for the vendor to provide an invoice for payment. The award recipient must submit the invoice to VP&CSAO with a disbursement request form. See Special Considerations and Restrictions for further information.


Funding award recipients seeking reimbursement for approved, event-related expenses must submit to VP&CSAO a disbursement request form for each individual to be reimbursed, with original receipts attached to the back. Reimbursements will be made by direct deposit if the student is set up for it; if not, a check will be sent to the local address on record in the Student Information System (SIS).

In order to reimburse an individual who is not affiliated with UVA (student, faculty, or staff), he or she must complete an online Vendor Registration form.

Please note that VP&CSAO cannot make third-party reimbursements. If the award recipient reimburses individuals for receipts, VP&CSAO cannot in turn reimburse the award recipient.