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Gordie Center

In 2010, the Gordie Foundation of Dallas, Texas, merged with the University of Virginia’s Center for Alcohol and Substance Education to create the Gordie Center. The center is poised to become one of the nation’s leading resources for evidence-based prevention programs for colleges and universities.

The center’s name honors the memory of Lynn Gordon "Gordie" Bailey, Jr., who died of an alcohol overdose at the University of Colorado after a fraternity initiation ceremony in fall 2004. Seeking a permanent home for the foundation established in his memory, his parents selected the University of Virginia because of the caliber of its longstanding program.

Prior to the merger, UVA's Center for Alcohol and Substance Education had built a strong track record for creating, evaluating, and disseminating effective prevention programs for youth. For more than two decades, since its establishment in 1987, the center has developed innovative and award-winning approaches to reduce the negative consequences of drinking. Partnering with national organizations, including the National Collegiate Athletics Association and the U.S. Department of Education, the center has shared these programs with a broad audience.

Under the Gordie Center, UVA efforts have been expanded to focus more directly on reducing the prevalence of alcohol overdose and hazing and enhancing bystander intervention training programs. The Gordie Center carries on many of the efforts created through the Gordie Foundation, including National GORDIEday (part of National Hazing Prevention Week) as well as marketing the documentary, HAZE, which tells Gordie’s story as a framework for examining the larger issues of alcohol and hazing on campus. The Gordie Center is committed to ensuring that Gordie’s story continues to impact students by challenging attitudes about the true risks of hazing and alcohol use through the creation of the national Gordie’s Call campaign which debuted with the GORDIEcheck/Blood Alcohol Content card.

Gifts to the Gordie Center will support and advance program creation, evaluation, and distribution, with an ultimate goal of preventing hazardous drinking and hazing and promoting safe and effective bystander training at UVA and nationally. Funding opportunities range from $50 (to donate 100 GORDIEcheck/BAC cards for a college, high school, or community group) to $300 (to donate the edited, 36-minute version of the HAZE documentary to a college, high school, or community group) to $10,000 (to produce bystander intervention training video scenarios, and distribute nationally, as part of the Step Up! program). A gift of $200,000 will provide development and implementation of a national, research-based hazing prevention conference for 35 colleges, based on the Gordie Center’s award-winning athletics conference.

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