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Public Service and Nonprofit Internship Fund

Internships and externships are critical components of the educational experience. When students have opportunities to put into practice academic learning from their classroom experiences, they gain valuable insights and are better prepared for their post-college endeavors. While some internship and externship experiences offer living stipends or other financial support, many such experiences in the public service and nonprofit arenas do not. In efforts to expose our brightest student minds to those public services that benefit the general well-being of our communities, we seek financial resources to support students through these endeavors. As a public institution, with a charter to serve the greater good of society, removing the financial barriers to participating in these internships is in the true Jeffersonian spirit.

Your generous gift will support internships in specific public service or nonprofit sectors or will be used generally to support students successfully attaining internships in these areas. Students who seek out and receive a public service or nonprofit internship can apply for a $3,000 stipend through the University Career Center intended to cover personal expenses and partial recouping of income normally earned through a summer job. The goal is to expand this program to include more students and to increase the amount of the stipend to at least $6,500. This amount ensures that students are provided with adequate living expenses along with a stipend in lieu of summer employment.