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How to check Approved Funding and Expense Transactions in @UVA

This guide will show you how to both check your funding sources, balances, and transaction history in the @UVA System.

Checking your Approved Funding

  1. Go to the @UVA website and log in using the Sign in button button in the upper right. (You will need to log in via NetBadge.)
  2. Then in the upper right click on grid buttonthe and from the drop down click onmanage button
  3. Then search for your club/CIO in the “Organization Search” and click on the name from the drop down that appears.
    Organization Search box
  4. From your club/CIO’s home page, click on menu buttonand a side window will appear. Then click on theFinance button.
  5. On your Finance Page, click on the accounts button button. This will bring you to a list of all the funding sources you currently have, and the amount of your balance in each.

(It will have the format “FUNDING SOURCE NAME: CIO NAME”)

Please note that it can take up to a week from the when we receive the funding information for you to see it updated on @UVA

Checking your Transaction History

  1. In order to check on the details of any one of your funding sources, click on it under the “Name” column.
  2. On the account details of that funding sources, you can check your transaction history by clicking on the Transactions tab. Here you can see a list of each Deposit/Payment made against that funding source. (NOTE: If you do not see a transaction here, then it has not been processed yet, and your balance will have not updated to reflect that transaction.)
  3. In addition, you can find your Club/CIO’s “External Account ID” for this funding source next to External Account ID button.
  4. Finally, if you wish to check your Club/CIO’s other funding sources, then click on back to accounts to go back to your list of accounts.