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Residential College Director of Studies

Residential Colleges, on-Grounds living-learning communities, mirror the ideals of the original Academical Village, where "shared learning infuses daily life."  Each of UVA’s three residential colleges — Brown College, Hereford College, and the International Residential College — offers unique culture, benefits, and programming.

Hereford College is searching for a Director of Studies whose term begins on August 1, 2021.  Hereford was founded in 1992 as the second of UVA’s three residential colleges.  Originally called the New College, it was renamed in 1993 in honor of former University President and physics professor, Frank L. Hereford.  The College is located atop Observatory Hill, and was designed by noted architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien.  Hereford focuses on promoting students’ well-being so they may thrive during the college experience and beyond.  Through a rich array of academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programming, interactions with faculty fellows, and student self-governance, the Hereford community strives to enhance well-being through three interrelated and integrated foci: mindfulness, social awareness, and sustainability.

Collectively, the mission of the residential colleges at the University includes: fostering faculty-student interaction, the integration of intellectual and social activities for both students and faculty, and affirming and maintaining student self-governance.  To support this mission, Hereford seeks a Director of Studies who is a faculty member with a commitment to engaging undergraduate students in a living-learning environment.  The Director of Studies will have programmatic responsibilities, student engagement responsibilities and may have administrative responsibilities.



Programmatic responsibilities include working with the residential college Principal to create and sustain the intellectual community of the college.  A key objective of each residential college is bringing intellectual life into the residential community through intentional programs and faculty interaction.  While the methods for developing this community will vary given the vision of the Principal and the theme and culture of the college itself, the Director of Studies will work to develop programming and opportunities that engage students in inquiry and discovery.  These opportunities will provide the chance for meaningful student engagement, including engaging other faculty in the life of the college through academic programming that broadly promotes connection, community, and discovery.

Student Engagement

Student engagement responsibilities include living within the community in a residence designated for the Director of Studies and eating meals regularly with student residents.  The Director of Studies is expected to actively participate in existing student-centered, community building programs, while also developing new opportunities for connection and student intellectual growth.  Given UVA’s core value of student self-governance, the Director of Studies is not expected to create and manage all programming, but rather support and guide students in designing and implementing those student-run initiatives that meet residential college goals.  This requires the Director of Studies to engage, collaborate, and mentor the student leadership of the residential college. 


The Director of Studies may also hold administrative responsibilities including representing the residential college on behalf of the Principal to the central administration or serving as a liaison with administrative offices having various responsibilities for the college (e.g., Dean of Students, Provost, Housing and Residence Life).  The Director of Studies will assist the Principal with general oversight of college operations, including ensuring the careful stewardship of college resources.  The Director of Studies may also assist with recruiting staff, graduate assistant(s), faculty fellows and other friends of the college as needed to further the development of a vibrant intellectual community within the college setting.


The term of appointment is three years, with potential reappointment for an additional two years.  The appointment is a twelve-month .50 FTE appointment, thus providing for release time from the Director of Studies’ primary department and for salary during the summer months.  Student Affairs staff will coordinate these arrangements with the Principal’s academic leadership.  There is also a partial subvention of rental cost on the Director of Studies’ residence.


Candidates must be faculty members at the University of Virginia.  Candidates must be able to show evidence of a commitment to undergraduate education and engagement as well as a general understanding of the core values of the Division of Student Affairs: academic rigor, diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, honor, public service and student self-governance.  A demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is also critical to the role.

How to Apply

Applications (or nominations) should be sent by March 1st to Allen Groves, University Dean of Students, via email to  Applications should include a letter of interest citing relevant experience and potential contributions, current curriculum vitae, and the names of three references.  Nominations should indicate why the identified individual would be a good candidate to fill this important role.