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Information on Weather-Related Closings

November 29, 2017
Allen W. Groves, University Dean of Students

Dear Students:

We are entering the season when inclement weather may affect the University's academic schedule. The University's Chief Operating Officer, Pat Hogan, has the authority to make schedule modifications in consultation with Provost Tom Katsouleas and others within the University. As always, the top priority is the safety of our students and employees. During inclement weather, UVA officials monitor current weather and forecasts, considering the potential impact on various operations and the likelihood of keeping sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots open.

In the event of operating changes, the University will communicate this information in the following ways:

A recent message from Pat Hogan provides further details about schedule modifications, including information that will be useful to students who are employed by the University.

Additionally, schools and departments have discretionary authority to cancel or alter schedules for special events within their areas and should communicate these changes to impacted students.

Weather is unpredictable, and given the wide-ranging locations where faculty, staff, and students live, road and weather conditions can vary greatly. Faculty and supervisors have been asked to be flexible in granting leave and consideration to employees and students who feel it is not safe to travel.

Thank you for taking time to be informed about weather-related communication. Best wishes as you finish up the semester.


Allen W. Groves
University Dean of Students