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The Division of Student Affairs helps support the University of Virginia's primary purpose of enriching the minds and lives of its students. The division helps promote the intellectual, cultural, personal, and social development of students while enhancing their physical and psychological well-being. Student Affairs accomplishes this mission by:

  • Supporting a University environment that promotes students' intellectual inquiry and responsible decision-making.
  • Providing programs and services that support students as they clarify personal values, develop personal identity, grow intellectually, build sound interpersonal relationships, and explore career directions.
  • Providing assistance and services to promote diversity, cultural richness, and the full membership of all students within the University community.
  • Responding to the different needs of students at their varying stages of intellectual, social, personal, and career development, noting particularly the differences between undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Attending to students who may have particular needs related to factors such as minority status, disability, health, financial resources, or nontraditional status, among others.
  • Preparing students to be informed and active citizens within our society.
  • Teaching, conducting research, as well as training and supervising students who conduct activities on behalf of the division.

Overview of the Mission and Role of Student Affairs within the University (2017)

The Student Experience at The University of Virginia 2020 Report