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Student & Club Funding Instructions



Request Forms 

Reimbursement to Students and CIOs online form: (

Payment to Vendors: (

Payment to Online Vendors: (

Bank Fee Waiver Letter Request Form: (

Vendor Registration (Supplier Number) Request Form (


Helpful Links:

How to check Approved Funding and Expense Transactions in @UVA: (

America-To-Go Menu (PDF)


Banking and Payment Options


Commercial Bank

You will need 3 things:

Tax ID Number: You can apply for a Tax ID (EIN) number on the IRS website: asked what type of organization, please check “view additional organizations”, and select the one that best represents your organization. 

Bank Fee Waiver Letter: You can request a bank fee waiver letter here. You will need your Tax ID Number for this form. The BOA on the corner is the only Bank of America that will accept the bank fee waiver letter.

Supplier Number: If you want to have payments or reimbursements paid directly to your club by check or direct deposit, you will need to register as a supplier. Email to register for a supplier number. You will need your Tax ID Number, and an email address for whoever will be filling out the request. This may take several days, so be sure to plan ahead.


Alumni Hall

Alumni Hall does not require a Tax ID Number or a Supplier Number.

Open a UVA Fund account here:

Fees: There is no fee waiver letter for Alumni Hall fees, however, they are so low, that it should not create a burden on you club financially.

*When filling out a reimbursement form, you will use Alumni Halls Supplier Number. You can also use Alumni Hall's Tax ID Number if needed.
Email for their supplier number.


Payments to Students

When filling out a reimbursement for or as a student, you will need the payee's 9-digit University ID Number. The system processes the payment based on the address (local or permanant) provided on the request form. If a bank account is linked to the address, it will be paid electronically. If there is no bank account linked to the selected address, the payment will be a check that will be mailed to that address. Make sure the address you provide on the form matches an address in your SIS account. Also be sure to check all bank accounts linked to your SIS account.

Use this form for a Student  or Club:  (


Planning and Using your Funding

There is no option to receive your funding as a lump sum given to your Club or Organization. There are two Options:

Direct Payment to Vendor Options

  • Payment to a non-UVA person for Goods or Services
  • Payment to a Company for Goods or Services
  • Payment to a company registered in the UVA Marketplace
  • Payment to non-contracted Returant*
  • Payment to a UVA Department
  • Payment to a non-UVA person for Honoraria* 

Payment to Vendors: (  Use this form for all above options

  • Payment to an Internet Vendor

Payment to Online Vendors: ( Use this form for purchases over the Internet

America to go Order Form

*Check with your funding source restrictions before signing any contracts or payment a


Before you submit a request to pay to Vendor

Purchse Orders also called POs are the main way to pay non-online vendors. If they are a new vendor, make sure they have read the terms and process for payment. This link to the Procurement has all the information they need: vendors have opted to receive their PO through email, and your part is finished. If your vendor does not have the PO sent to them, you will be sent the PO by email, and you will need to send them the PO.

Non-UVA People or Companies will need a supplier number. If they do not have a supplier number, they will need to register for a supplier number. You can email to check if they already have a supplier number. If they do not, be prepared with their Name and Email address so they can start the process of getting a supplier number. This may take several days, so be sure to plan ahead. Online vendors and resturants in America-to-Go do not need a supplier number.

Most pay to vendor requests will require a quote or invoice depending on the goods or services provided. For custom orders from Resturants or Internet Vendors, it may require an appointment with the Finance office to make sure your order is input correctly.


Reimbursement to Student or Club (Click for Request Form)

With this option, you need to have already spent the money. If you have not already paid a vendor, invoice, or expense, then you should not submit for reimbursement. If you cannot afford to pay up front and be reimbursed, then you should use one of the Pay to Vendor Options.

Documentation is required for all reimbursement requests. Your documentation must provide the following information:

  • Item(s) purchased
  • Price of Item or Expense
  • Receipt, Zero Balance Invoice, Screen shot of Bank Transaction


Travel Expenses

On the reimbursement form check "Yes" on the question "Do your expenses include Travel?" if you have any of these expenses.

  • Hotels - Documentation Requirement: Must Show non refundable if travel has not happened yet or Zero balance Invoice
  • Public Transportation which includeds Planes, Trains, Bus, Ride Share Companies, Car Rentals  - Documentation Requirement: Receipt if travel has already happened, non refundable if travel has not happened yet.
  • Personal Car Use**We do not reimburse the cost of gas. When submitting for the use of your personal car to travel, you will need to complete the CIO Milege Form (Download)


Monthly Expenses or Subscriptions

Reimbursement for monthly charges can only be processed for the months that have already been paid. You will need to use the Payment to Vendor option for any months that are beyond the deadline of your funding.


Deadlines and Extensions

Most funding Sources will have a set peiod of time for you to have access to your funding. Make sure you are aware of these deadlines. If you believe you may not make your deadline, you should contact the funding source as soon a possible to request an extension.

For Student Council (SAF) funding deadlines, you can check the appropiations calendar here

If you need an extension email the Student Council Appropriations


Processing Time and Confirmations

The VPSA Finance office does not approve or deny your funding. Any questions about your funding amount, your funding approval, or changes in expenses, will need to go to the funding source. When you submit your request, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. The Finance Office will not contact you about your request unless there is an issue that needs to be resolved. The turn-around time for processing request is usually a week from the day of submission. Once it's processed, you can expect the payment  3 - 5 days after the request has been processed. Do not contact the Finance Office for an update on your request any time before this window

How to Check the Status of your Payment/ Reimbursement  Requests (Student Council SAF Funding): Once you are approved for funding, the Finance Office will load your funding allocation into your UVA account. Note: This is only a ledger for your funding and not actually money. Once the Finance Office processeses your request, the payment transaction will be added to your account, and your funding balance will be updated. Go to your atUVA account page and click transactions. You should be able to see the amount of the transaction, and the who the payment was made out to. (See Payment Options Above) Once the transaction is logged on your atUVA account, allow 3-5 days for the payment to be sent out.


Possible Funding Sources

All funding except Student Council (SAF) funding will require a "Confirmation Number" from your funding source to use on the request forms.

We recommend doing a web search for these sources to see if they are currently awarding funding.

Alumni Hal

Arts Board

Cultural Programing Board Funding (CPB)

Office of Dean of Students

Department of Music

Vice Provost for the Arts (VPA)

Multicultural Student Services

Student Engagement

Student Council SAF Funding 

Vice President for Student Affairs Office

Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Additional Sources Listed here:

Quick Links:

Downloadable Instructions: (