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Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer

Robyn S. Hadley
Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer

Robyn S. Hadley

(434) 924-7984

Deans and Directors

Maurice Apprey
Dean, Office of African-American Affairs

Maurice Apprey

(434) 924-7923
Julie Caruccio
Assistant Vice President and Interim University Dean of Students

Julie I. Caruccio

(434) 924-7133
Everette Fortner
Associate Vice President, Career & Professional Development

Everette Fortner

(434) 924-8900
Chris Holstege
Executive Director, Student Health

Chris P. Holstege

(434) 924-2670
Gay Perez
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs; Executive Director of Housing & Residence Life

Gay Perez

(434) 243-3605

VPSA Staff

Director of Communications

Virginia Carter

(434) 924-1036
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Liaison to University Counsel

Susan M. Davis

(434) 924-7984
Executive Assistant

Megan Drake

(434) 924-8421
Assistant Vice President

Nicole Eramo

(434) 924-7216
Director of Development

Bo Greenwood

(434) 924-3245
Senior Administrative Assistant

Jessica Miles

(434) 982-2683
Assistant Vice President

Marsh Pattie

(434) 924-0777
Special Assistant to the Honor Committee

Evan Pivonka

(434) 924-7438
Faculty Advisor to the Honor Committee, Liaison to University Counsel

Rachel Setear

Program Coordinator

Morgan Stearns

(434) 924-8319

Event Planning and Rotunda Team

Event Planning Assistant

Dorothy Lippincott

(434) 924-3203
Event Planning Coordinator

Anna Pretty

Associate Director for Rotunda and Major Events

Sheri Winston

(434) 924-6182

Finance Team

Assistant Director of Finance

Wayland Bryan

(434) 924-1003
Administrative Coordinator

Shannon Fowler

Associate VP for Strategy and Finance

Elisa Holquist

(434) 924-7984
Fiscal Technician

Caiah Hughes

(434) 924-8977
Director of Finance

Michael Kozuch

(434) 409-7131

Technology Team

Technology Support Specialist

Terence Jones

Technology Services Manager

Matthew Litchfield

(434) 924-1415
Director of Technology

Jessica Strang

(434) 924-0901
Digital Communications Manager

David VanNoy

(434) 243-8488
Audio Visual Manager

Eric Williams

(434) 924-7658