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Approval Request for Use of Alcoholic Beverages

This form must be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to the proposed event. A registered account is required to submit the online form. If you have changes or questions regarding your request, please contact Nicole Eramo at


As mentioned in President Ryan’s email message on May 27, many University units will continue to experience operational constraints over the summer as we prepare to move into a new phase in the fall. Because of these constraints, and limited events and activities on Grounds, alcohol approvals will continue to be suspended at this time. We expect to reopen the review process in the fall semester, in accordance with policy, practice, and current health and safety conditions. Please continue to check this web page for updates.

Who Should Complete this Request?

  1. Your event will be held on University property (regardless of who is in attendance); or

  2. You are a University department hosting a function (not on University property) in which students are expected to attend.

Important Points

  • Independent of University approval and in accordance with state law, some events may require an ABC license. Requestors are responsible for obtaining this license, if necessary.
  • In conjunction with the standard work day, alcohol service will not be approved on weekdays prior to 5 p.m. Requests for exceptions may be submitted via this form, however, approvals are issued on an event-by-event basis.
  • Regardless of past approvals for annual events, all requests are reviewed individually and approvals are issued on an event-by-event basis. Please review the Guidelines for Hosting a Safe Event.
  • If you've received approval and event details change (e.g., location, time, measures to control consumption, alcohol service, etc.), you are required to notify Nicole Eramo at 434-924-7216.

Underage Guests at Events with Alcohol Service

Alcoholic beverages may not be served at any University function or event held on property that will be attended by underage University students. Requests for exceptions may be submitted via this form, however, approvals are issued on an event-by-event basis. If an exception is granted, personnel trained in the Event Manager module must be present to supervise the service of alcohol. Sponsors must check for proper age identification of individuals attending events when alcohol is served and underage University students may be present. Note: Wristband requests should be sent to You will be required to show your approval confirmation in order to obtain the wristbands.